Tamara Vodovoz

Thai Yoga Massage is a form of bodywork that incorporates assisted stretching, similar to some yoga postures, rhythmic swaying and applying pressure along energy lines. There are numerous benefits of Thai massage that allow the body to open and surrender to a new rush of energy. Similarly, the giver also benefits from the gentle and easy techniques of movement similar to yin Yoga and the generation of compassion and loving kindness. 

The duration of a Thai massage session is approximately one and a half to two hours. It is performed with the patient wearing comfortable clothes preferably cotton, lying on a mat or futon on the floor.

Some benefits of Thai massage may include:

  Improved joint mobility

 Reduced stress

 Regulates endocrine functions

Increased muscle flexibility

Promotes physical and mental relaxation

Increased breathing capacity

Toned nervous and circulatory systems

Improved function of internal organs

Strengthens the immune system

Tamara discovered the healing magic of Thai Massage through the practice of AcroYoga. Seeing the value and need to maintain balance in her own body she became more curious about the therapeutic and healing practices. This lead her to travel to Thailand twice and continue furthering her training and understanding of this ancient healing art. Some of her most influential schools and teachers:

Mike Tan, SEA therapy, www.seatherapy.net
Thierry Bienfaisant, Thai Healing Alliance (www.thaihealingalliance.com)
The Sunshine network, www.thaiyogamassage.infothai.com
Pichest Boonthumme http://www.pichestthaimassage.com/